Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

Contoh Kalimat

A.              Contoh kalimat adjective :
1.              Ana is a beautiful girl.
2.              Your answer is wrong.
3.              My mom is a stronger women.
4.              They are a cleaver person
5.              He not a bad boy, but good boy.
6.              Are you smart boy ?
7.              We are happy now.
8.              Is it a shallow river ?
9.              Is the knife dull ?
10.           Ani have a long hair
11.           The waitress was a bad guy. He over charged us.
12.           My English teacher always gives me a good grade A. He is a nice teacher.
13.           The man who is a policeman has a beautiful daughter
14.           Miss Garcia is very nice. All the children like her.
15.           The car is very dirty. Mom is cleaning it.

B.              Verb + Complement + Modifer
1.              Joni is cooking dinner tonight
2.              We eat lunch in this restaurant today
3.              She saw mama las night
4.              John bought a cake yesterday
5.              She is studdying english in her room
6.              He is playingfootball at the park
7.              She s cooking freid rice in the kitchen
8.              He ate spaghetti yesterday
9.              They did their homework last night
10.           She is watering plant in the morning
11.           They go to music concert at senayan
12.           She bought a dress last thursday
13.           The dog is catching the ball at the park
14.           Ana bought dvd yesterday
15.           Andra go to plaza at 7 a’clock

C.              Countable :
1.              The boy drank a glass of milk.
2.              Can I borrow your iron?
3.              My father should change the light in the kitchen one week ago.
4.              I have an interesting paper to read
5.              Many women prefer a secure life.
6.              Parkour is an extreme sport.
7.              I hope you have a good timeon the journey.
8.              They sent me a cake on my birthday.
9.              I have tried kinds of cheesesfrom many countries.
10.           There are five chocolatesleft in the box.

D.             Uncountable :
1.              I really love sport.
2.              He has only little time to get ready.
3.              She gave the first piece of cake for her mother.
4.              The woman is grating a bar of cheese.
5.              I need some chocolate to boost my mood
6.              I really love sport.
7.              He has only little time to get ready.
8.              She gave the first piece of cake for her mother.
9.              The woman is grating a bar of cheese.
10.           I  need some chocolate to boost my mood

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